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An ancient practice, with a twist: Power yoga has changed fitness for keeps. No more pounding. No more pain. No more boring routines. At Twist Power Yoga in Dallas, TX, optimal strength, flexibility and endurance is achieved by a series of flowing yoga postures, set in motion to one's own breath, heating the core and detoxifying the body... Power Yoga...So challenging, yet, so kind to muscles, ligaments, organs and mind. Come experience Twist Power Yoga. Whether you are just beginning or have practiced for decades...bring an open mind and find new vitality, a straighter spine, calmer mind, healthier body and happier you.

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Anahata: Exploring the Heart Space
with Amy Johnson
Saturday, March 21st, 1:30-3:30pm

Backbends can be powerful and potent but they can also be a bit scary and uncomfortable. In this heart opening flow we will explore how to bend at the proper, and least flexible place--the thoracic spine, while learning to control the more flexible and substantial areas of the spine--the cervical and lumbar. Along with exploring backbend variations,
we will also explore the "not-so-heart-opening" heart openers such as low push-up (chaturanga dandasana), monkey splits (hanumanasana) and much more!  

Cost is $30.


The Freedom of Forgiveness:
The Practice of Compassion
with Melody Moore, Ph.D, RYT
Saturday, April 11, 1-3pm

Letting Go of past resentments towards others and of shame about your past actions is the path to freedom in this flow into grace. We will practice on and off the mat the methods of creating space for a new perspective of your "story" and experience the bliss in living in the present without burden of the past. A vinyasa flow and experiential processing led by Dr. Melody Moore, RYT will leave you feeling liberated and open to grace. 

Cost is $30.



If you are an older adult or someone managing a chronic condition or recovering from injury, our Gentle Yoga class is a great way to improve and maintain your health. We’ll focus on total body stretching, stability, balance and gentle strengthening through yoga postures, as well as deep breathing and relaxation.

Class meets every Monday and Friday from 10 to 11am

$75 for 8 classes
Or $12 drop-in

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