Beginners Series Starts October 5th


Have you ever wanted to learn how to do yoga but have been afraid to walk into a regular yoga class for fear of embarrassment? Sign up for our Yoga for Beginners Series starting in October. You’ll learn all the basics of yoga: how to get in and out of poses correctly, how to use your breath, how to have good alignment and the best transitions for you. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to look like you know what you’re doing when you do walk into a class! The eight session series meets Saturdays from noon to 1:00pm and Wednesday evenings from 8 to 9pm starting October 5 for four weeks. Cost is $75.

Sign up here.

12 thoughts on “Beginners Series Starts October 5th

    1. I just saw this Suzette. Sorry! The 30 days allows you to practice as much as you want for a month. You can come to all of our regular classes. The beginners class is a separate series. It’s going to meet on Saturdays from July 8 to August 12. The cost is $75. Thanks!


  1. I’d really like to participate, but I will be out of town for one weekend in the series. How much will this impact my experience? How often do you offer the series – if it would be better to wait for the next session?


    1. Hi Leah,
      Missing a class is not a problem. The classes build on each other but also repeat the poses that have been taught in the previous classes. Often people are not able to attend every class. We also offer make up classes.


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