This dynamic, energetic form of yoga, simply put, is a series of flowing postures, synchronized to breath, designed to tone the body, build strength, increase flexibility, improve balance, and create an awareness of the connection of mind and body.

A less intense version of our all level power yoga, this class will move you through a series of basic postures at a slower rate. It’s great for anyone who wants to take more time to get in and out of postures and work on perfecting form and alignment.

twist_0440.jpgDEEP STRETCH
This class is geared toward opening areas of tight muscles, tissue and joints. We’ll use balls for rolling and props for support to encourage deep release. The class ideal for athletes but also accessible to all levels, even the very beginner.

twist_0458.jpgGENTLE YOGA
Ideal for pregnant women, older adults,  or anyone managing a chronic condition or recovering from injury, our Gentle Yoga class is a great way to improve and maintain your health. We’ll focus on total body stretching, stability, balance and gentle strengthening through yoga.

The best way to start practicing power yoga is by completing our Beginner Series which meets twice weekly for four weeks. Classes include discussion, demonstration, and practice. An experienced instructor will help guide you into safe alignment and healthy modifications. At the end of the eight class series, many students are ready to move on to our all level classes while others may wish to repeat the Beginner Series again to solidify their understanding. Cost is $75 for the 8 class series. See when our next beginners series starts.

As of February 1, 2016 the following fees apply for all (non-series) classes:

Drop in: $17
10-Pack: $135
20-Pack: $240
Unlimited auto-debit: $115 per month
1 month unlimited: $140
Annual: $1200