Glowga at NorthPark Center Garden


Kick off your shoes and join us for glow-in-the-dark yoga in CenterPark Garden at NorthPark Center! Wear your favorite neon and get ready for a crazy fun night of yoga and music.

Thursday, October 3, 2019 8-9 PM

All ages and levels welcome!

Register here $20 in advance, $25 at the door

A portion of the proceeds will go to Dallas Casa.

Beginners Series Starts October 5th


Have you ever wanted to learn how to do yoga but have been afraid to walk into a regular yoga class for fear of embarrassment? Sign up for our Yoga for Beginners Series starting in October. You’ll learn all the basics of yoga: how to get in and out of poses correctly, how to use your breath, how to have good alignment and the best transitions for you. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to look like you know what you’re doing when you do walk into a class! The eight session series meets Saturdays from noon to 1:00pm and Wednesday evenings from 8 to 9pm starting October 5 for four weeks. Cost is $75.

Sign up here.

Yoga Nidra with Lisa Coyle

tw_0970What’s more restorative and rejuvenating than sleep? What’s more relaxing than a glass of wine?…
Most of us are running on fumes some days….sometimes we are exhausted, but still can’t sleep. We push our bodies and our minds to the limit and wonder why we can’t find energy without that latte in the afternoon. The ancient practice of Yoga Nidra has been used for centuries to heal not just the body, but the psyche as well. This practice is deeply soothing and healing and requires no effort whatsoever. Cultivating a deep quality of effortlessness allows us to go far into the inner recesses of the mind where true healing can occur. Tap into the power of consciousness to unleash your inner ability to restore your natural vitality.
Join us for an asana practice that will utilize a mindful approach to movement and breath to prepare our over-taxed nervous system for deep rest. Asana will be followed by Yoga Nidra, a guided relaxation practice which is done lying down.
If you have a blanket that you like or a favorite bolster at home, please feel free to bring them. We also have blankets at the studio.
March 30, 2019 from 2 to 4 pm. Cost is $40.

Yin Yoga and Aromatherapy

88Join Summer Hogsed this Saturday for an introduction to Yin Yoga + Aromatherapy! In this 2-hour workshop, students will learn the basis for yin yoga, aromatherapy, and how both can be used to support your overall yogic health.

What is Yin? Bernie Clark describes it as “the other half” of yoga. Yin yoga is performed at cooler temperatures, and poses are held for extended periods of time in order to tap into the connective tissues of the body rather than the muscles.

Saturday February 9, from 12 to 2pm. Cost is $40.

The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery Workshop with Y12SR certified instructor Julie Wright

Julie Yoga for 12step headshotAddictive behaviors separate and disconnect us from ourselves, our loved ones, our interests, and so much more.  Conversely, yoga means union; integration and balance.    The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery weaves the wisdom of yoga and the practical tools of the 12-step programs to explore addiction and recovery within the body/mind continuum.

The intention of this workshop is to create a sacred space upon which we will discuss addiction, it’s characteristics, the 12 Steps and Principles, the history of Yoga and the 8 limbs.  We will explore the similarities between the two philosophies and journey through the stages of recovery using a blend of the tools of each tradition to bring us to wholeness.

This workshop is open to anyone and everyone dealing with their own addictive behaviors or affected by the addictive behaviors of others.  You need not be an addict to attend – just come learn.  I will share some of my personal experiences that along the path into recovery.

The workshop will include detailed discussion with handouts and al all-level yoga practice.

Sunday January 13th from 12:00 – 2:30